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Supervisory Board
Board of Directors
Sponsors & Supporting Members
Contributors to ECTIL projects


The basic organs of the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law are the Supervisory Board and the Board of Directors. The Supervisory Board decides on the general outline of the Centre and the projects to be carried out, the timetable of the projects as well as on the financial covering. Furthermore, it supervises the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors deals with the realization of the research projects, organization of the meetings, publications, building up of the library and other current transactions.

Due to the international nature of the research undertaken by the Centre, close bond have been formed with both Contributors, Members and Fellows nominated.

The Centre is wholly dependent on financial subsidies and is currently supported, among others, by its Supporting Members. To become a Supporting Member is open to both individuals and organisations. Supporting Members are invited to all meetings and receive all publications of the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law starting with the year they enter at no cost. For more information on becoming a Supporting Member contact
Last but not least, the Staff of the Centre will be glad to assist you with any further information.


Do you want to become a Supporting Member? Among other benefits, supporting members receive all publications of ECTIL starting with the year they enter.