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World Tort Law Society - Road Traffic Accidents

The second project of the ‘World Tort Law Society’ engages in a comprehensive comparative study of the various systems of road traffic accident liability.

The field of road traffic accidents provides an excellent example of the interplay of quite a number of different compensation schemes and a perfect opportunity to compare the different compensation systems and their aptitude for compensating victims and deterring damaging conduct. Further, as this is one of the few areas in which there are reliable statistics available, the practical relevance of the problems under discussion can be demonstrated with meaningful figures. This second project of the World Tort Law Society (WTLS) focuses on ‘Liability for Road Traffic Accidents’ and is led by Ernst Karner. The results of the research will be published in Chinese (by Peoples’ Court Press) as well as in English (by De Gruyter, Berlin/Boston, with the subtitle ‘World Tort Law Society’).

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