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Ken Oliphant and Barbara C Steininger (eds),
European Tort Law: Basic Texts

This unique collection makes available, for the first time in a single volume, English versions of basic tort law texts from 27 national systems in Europe. It includes key provisions of national civil codes and other important legislative enactments, as well as extracts from leading cases. Additional chapters deal with EU Law (EU Tort Law and EU Conflict of Laws) and the European harmonisation projects (the Principles of European Tort Law and the Draft Common Frame of Reference).
The book was launched on the occasion of the 10th Annual Conference on European Tort Law in Vienna, and is dedicated to the conference’s founder, Helmut Koziol.
The book is published by Jan Sramek Press in Vienna, on behalf of the Institute for European Tort Law (Austrian Academy of Sciences) and the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law. It can be ordered at the price of Euro 29,90 (excluding postage and packing) through the publishers' website, by emailing Sabine Warschitz at or by using this order form.
  • K Oliphant/BC Steininger, European Tort Law: Basic Texts (2011), ISBN 978-3-902638-50-2.