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The World Tort Law Society (WTLS)

The World Tort Law Society (WTLS) was jointly founded in 2012 by the Research Center for Civil and Commercial Jurisprudence of the Renmin University, Beijing, China, the Institute for European Tort Law (ETL) and the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law (ECTIL). The aim of the Society is to create a forum for discussion about current developments in tort law on a global scale. The first President of the Society is Prof Helmut Koziol (ECTIL). The executive committee also consists of Prof YANG Lixin (Renmin, China), Prof Ken Oliphant (previously ETL, now Bristol, UK) and Prof Michael D Green (Wake Forest, USA). Other members of the Society are excellent tort law researchers from around the world.

The first conference took place in Harbin, China, in September 2013. It was organised by all three cooperation partners of WTLS. The focus of the conference was ‘Product Liability’. It is envisaged that there will be a WTLS conference every two years in different countries dealing with interesting topics in tort law. The next conference and meeting of the WTLS will take place in autumn of 2015 in Vienna and will focus again on ‘Product Liability’. The next project of the WTLS will be ‘Liability for Road Traffic Accidents’. The results of the research will be published in Chinese as well as English.

Further information about the second WTLS conference can be found here.


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