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The Conference Materials of the 18th ACET can be downloaded below:

Friday, April 26 2019

Austria, Julian Pehm (PDF)
Belgium, Isabelle Durant (PDF)
Croatia, Ivana Kanceljak (PDF)
Czech Republic, Jiří Hrádek (PDF)
Denmark, Andreas Bloch Ehlers (PDF)
England and Wales, Annette Morris (PDF)
Estonia, Janno Lahe (PDF)
Finland, Päivi Korpisaari (PDF)
France, Jonas Knetsch (PDF)
Germany, Jens Kleinschmidt (PDF)
Greece, Eugenia Dacoronia (PDF)
Hungary, Attila Menyhárd (PDF)
Ireland, Eoin Quill (PDF)
Italy, Elena Bargelli (PDF)
Latvia, Agris Bitāns (PDF)
Lithuania, Simona Drukteinienė (PDF)
Malta, Giannino Caruana Demajo (PDF)
Netherlands, Anne Keirse (PDF)
Norway, Knut Martin Tande (PDF)
Poland, Ewa Bagińska (PDF)
Portugal, Ines M Oliveira Martins (PDF)
Romania, Christian Alunaru (PDF)
Scotland, Martin Hogg (PDF)
Slovakia, Anton Dulak (PDF)
Slovenia, Gregor Dugar (PDF)
Spain, Albert Ruda (PDF)
Sweden, Sandra Friberg (PDF)
Switzerland, Peter Loser (PDF)
European Union, Thomas Thiede (PDF)

Comparative Remarks, Olaf Riss (PDF)

Saturday, April 27 2019
Special Session: Human Rights Violations in Global Supply Chains

Martin Spitzer
Introductory Remarks (PDF)

David Cabelli
Problems and Solutions in Common Law Systems (PDF)

Franz Werro
Vicarious and Joint Liability for Human Rights Violations. A Swiss Perspective

Mark Geistfeld
Law and Economics Approach


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