Principles of European Tort Law

This research programme aims to contribute to the enhancement and harmonisation of tort law in Europe through the framework provided by the Principles of European Tort Law (PETL) and related research, and in particular to provide a principled basis for rationalisation and innovation on national and EU level. Click here for the European Group on Tort Law’s (EGTL) Mission Statement. The research is pursued by a network of scholars, the EGTL, which is jointly coordinated by the Institute for European Tort Law in Vienna. Following the Group's original publication of the PETL (with commentary) in 2005, it reconvened in 2009 to work on expanding the PETL’s scope and updating and refining its content in the light of subsequent scholarly debates and developments in national and EU law. In the years to come, the Group aims to publish a series of preliminary studies on topics not addressed in the initial edition of the PETL or otherwise warranting consideration, culminating with the publication of a revised and expanded edition of the PETL.

The results of the studies will be published by the Group's new series publisher, Intersentia. For more details see [here].