Translations of Selected Publications in Chinese

A sizeable number of the volumes from our long running Tort and Insurance Law series are translated into Chinese and published by China Legal Publishing House (中国法制出版社).
  • H Koziol/W Doralt (eds), Abschlussprüfer. Haftung und Versicherung (2004), ISBN 3-211-20800-3
  • M Faure/H Koziol (eds), Cases on Medical Malpractice in a Comparative Perspective (2012) ISBN 978-7-5093-3922-0
  • WV Horton Rogers (ed), Damages for Non-Pecuniary Loss in a Comparative Perspective (2012) ISBN 978-7-5093-4224-4
  • U Magnus (ed), The Impact of Social Security on Tort Law (2012) ISBN 978-7-5093-4163-6
  • BA Koch/H Koziol (eds), Compensation for Personal Injury in a Comparative Perspective (2012) ISBN 978-7-5093-4232-9
  • H Koziol/A Warzilek (eds), The Protection of Personality Rights against Invasions by Mass Media (2012) ISBN 978-7-5093-4230-5
  • G Wagner (ed), Tort Law and Liability Insurance (2012) ISBN 978-7-5093-4085-1
  • WH van Boom/M Lukas/C Kissling (eds), Tort and Regulatory Law (2012) ISBN 978-7-5093-4136-0
  • WH van Boom/M Faure (eds), Shifts in Compensation between Private and Public Systems (2012) ISBN 978-7-5093-4094-3
  • H Koziol/V Wilcox (eds), Punitive Damages (2012) ISBN 978-7-5093-3694-6
  • K Oliphant (ed), Aggregation and Divisibility of Damage (2012) ISBN 978-7-5093-3916-9
Furthermore, volumes from the Unification of Tort Law Series are avaliable in Chinese Translation from Law Press China Publishers:
  • H Koziol (ed), Unification of Tort Law: Wrongfulness, ISBN 978-7-5036-9520-9
  • J Spier (ed), Unification of Tort Law: Causation, ISBN 978-7-5036-9521-6
  • U Magnus (ed), Unification of Tort Law: Damages, ISBN 978-7-5036-9909-2
  • J Spier (ed), Unification of Tort Law: Liability for Damage Caused by Others, ISBN 978-7-5036-9726-5
  • U Magnus/M Martín-Casals (eds), Unification of Tort Law: Contributory Negligence, ISBN 978-7-5118-0066-4