Database on European Tort Law (EUROTORT)

This web-based research tool shall allow both researchers as well as practitioners to access the vast wealth of jurisprudence on tort law throughout Europe in a single language (English) and with a standardized index system.

While there are of course national databases giving access to court cases, they are limited both by language and by focus, since they lack the cross-border perspective that only EUROTORT offers. With a single search string, the most important aspects of tort law can be researched either in any one of the jurisdictions covered, in a selection of countries or without geographical limitation.

At present, the collection contains over 3,000 decisions from 30 European jurisdictions, all categorized and indexed. Scientists and Practitioners can search by jurisdiction, time period, keywords, full text, or a combination thereof. The materials stem from cases reported in the “Tort and Insurance Law Yearbook” series, co-published by the Institute for European Tort Law and the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law (ECTIL), as well as in the “Digest of European Tort Law” series of the Institute. Further additions are being made continuously. The cases have been selected by experts from each respective jurisdiction, who have also drafted the English texts presenting the facts of the case and an abstract of the decision.

Access to the Database