New Publication: Medienpolitik und Recht Vol II

The 'Media Policy and Media Law' project, jointly organized by the Institute for European Tort Law and the Commission for Comparative Media and Communication Studies, addresses several aspects of the tension between the freedom of the press and the protection of the individual. Public lectures held in the Austrian Academy of Sciences on topics such as media governance, related questions about liability and insights from daily media routines and communication sciences spurred discussions and reflection on these topics.

From these lectures, a first collection of papers explicitly addressing these basic questions was published in 2010:
In the further course of this unique project scholars and practitioners from the fields of media and legal sciences outlined future paths in this important and ever-changing area in the course of a season of symposia.

The findings of this second season of symposia are now available as
The papers presented in the second installment by Brandner-Radinger (Vienna), Puppis (University of Zürich, Switzerland), Warzilek (Austrian Press Council) and Weberling (University Viadrina, Germany) focus on questions concerning the virtues of and difficulties faced by Austria's new Press Council (Presserat); in the second chapter the legal implications of new forms of digital media, journalism and 'leaking' of documents are controversely discussed by Berka (University Salzburg, Austria), Kurz (Chaos Computer Club, CCC, Germany) and Thimm (University Bonn, Germany); while the third chapter addresses Journalistic Privilege (Redaktionsgeheimnis) with papers from Hinterhofer (University of Salzburg, Austria), Seethaler (Commission for Comparative Media and Communication Studies, Austria) and Stöger (University of Graz, Austria).

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