JETL 2/2011 now available

JETL 2/2011 is now available in print and online. As always this issue contains the papers from the special session of this year's Annual Conference on European Tort Law. These four papers all focus on the challenging area of liability for omissions. The contents are as follows:

Liability for Omissions – Basic Questions
Helmut Koziol
Ex nihilo responsabilitas fit, or the Miracles of Legal Metaphysics
Pierre Widmer
Affirmative Duties of Care in the Common Law
Eoin Quill
Liability for Omissions in Tort Law: Economic Analysis
Michael G Faure

Also in the issue are reviews of recent works on tort law by John CP Goldberg and Benjamin C Zipursky, Corinne Widmer, Magdalena Tulibacka and ETL staff member Thomas Thiede.

The Journal can be accessed online [here]

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