Upcoming Juristenrunde: Legal persons as vicarious agents

ETL is pleased to announce a Juristenrunde (lecture) by Johannes Angyan, LL.M LL.B, research assistant at ECTIL.

Nowadays economic activities are to a substantial extent exercised through legal persons. Frequently, business divisions are outsourced to newly founded subsidiaries, which is especially true in the case of company groups. One important advantage of outsourcing can be seen in the limitation of the parent company’s liability, since the parent company can usually not be held liable for its subsidiary’s liabilities. It has, however, to be taken into consideration that the parent company avails itself of its subsidiary for the procurement of its affairs, which is why the question of its vicarious liability under § 1315 ABGB (Austrian Civil Code) arises. The presentation will examine whether the rules on liability for agents are applicable to legal persons. Furthermore, the speaker will deal with the questions of piercing the corporate veil and its comparability with the solutions provided by the rules on liability for agents.

The presentation will be held in German and takes place on Wednesday, 4 November 2015 at 11:30 in the premises of ECTIL. Please register at: ectil@ectil.org.

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