European Group on Tort Law Meeting

The European Group on Tort Law will be holding its autumn meeting (17–18 October 2013) in Girona thanks to the auspices of long-standing member, Miquel Martín-Casals and the Institute of European and Comparative Private Law (IECPL). A new project entitled The Borderline Between Tort And Contract – the third since the Group’s re-unification in 2009 – will officially begin. The project is headed by Prof Martín-Casals.
In addition to drawing the EGTL’s second post-reunification project (on The Liability of Public Authorities) to a close, the Group will also discuss the outlines of its forthcoming collaboration with members of the Acquis Group (on Product Liability). The EGTL wishes to extend its profound gratitude to Piotr Machnikowski for his efforts in cementing this collaboration and in securing the necessary funding.

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