New Special Issues of JETL (Cultures of Tort in Europe)

A new special issue of the Journal of European Tort Law focuses on the Cultures of Tort Law in Europe. The issue was edited by Ken Oliphant, whose short introduction is available for free download by clicking here.
Amongst the questions readers will find addressed are:
  • What does 'tort law culture' actually mean, and what's to be gained from comparison of the cultures of tort in different places?
  • Why doesn't the French tort system simply collapse under the weight of the burdens stemming from its proudly victim-oriented approach?
  • How has German tort law been shaped by the six very different Germanies that have existed in the last 100 years (Empire, the Wiemar Republic, the Third Reich, the separate East and West Germanies of the post-war years, and the modern Federal Republic)?
  • How have concerns about 'compensation culture' shaped political debate and popular conceptions of tort law in the UK?
  • And finally: what music should you listen to when considering the intellectual history of Scandinavian tort law in the last century?

A year's online subscription costs only € 49.00 or US$ 74.

Edited by Ken Oliphant


Ken Oliphant ‘Cultures of Tort Law in Europe’  (2012) 3 JETL 147

Jean-Sébastien Borghetti ‘The Culture of Tort Law in France’ (2012) 3 JETL 158

Jörg Fedtke ‘The Culture of German Tort Law’ (2012) 3 JETL 183

Håkan Andersson ‘The Tort Law Culture(s) of Scandinavia’ (2012) 3 JETL 210

Richard Lewis and Annette Morris ‘Tort Law Culture in the United Kingdom: Image and Reality in Personal Injury Compensation’ (2012) 3 JETL 230

Book Reviews:

Vibe Ulfbeck/John Murphy/Christian Katzenmeier/Ina Ebert/Katarzyna Ludwichowska-Redo/Ernst A Kramer

Comparative Studies in the Development of the Law of Torts in Europe (edited by John Bell and David Ibbetson), Vols 1–6, (2012) 3 JETL 265

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