Upcoming Juristenrunde: Non-pecuniary damage in Greek law

On 26 May 2014 at 11:00 am, Eugenia Dacoronia, Professor at Athens University, Greece, will give a presentation on non-pecuniary damage in Greek law. All are welcome to attend.

The Greek Civil Code explicitly provides in art. 932 that, in the case of a delict, the court may award a reasonable amount of money to compensate the non-pecuniary harm which the plaintiff has suffered as a consequence of an unlawful act. In the case of death this amount of money may be awarded to the family of the victim as pain and suffering. How Greek jurisprudence interprets said article will be the object of the presentation. In particular it will touch upon: a) whether persons who have sustained indirect damage are also entitled to compensation of their non-pecuniary damage; b) who belongs to the ‘family’ of the victim; c) the criteria taken into consideration when determining the amounts awarded; d) non-pecuniary damage in the case of wrongful birth; and e) the non-pecuniary damage of legal entities.

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