6th European Conference on Medical Law

Vienna will shortly play host to the 6th European Conference on Medical Law titled 'Establishing European Identity through Solidarity in Health Care'. The conference aims to bring together a range of a talented speakers addressing a wide range of pressing concerns in the world of medical law in Europe and beyond.

Inter alia, Bernhard Koch will be speaking on the topic of 'European Medical Liability in Comparison' taking into account recent published work of the Institute for European Tort Law and ECTIL. Participants can also look forward to hearing Erwin Deutsch adress the topic of harmonization of international medical cases including the draft of the German patients' rights statute (Patientenrechtegesetz) explained and compared to Anglo-French approaches.

The conference will be held on 1 June 2012 at the Hauptverband der Österreichischen Sozialversicherungsträger – HVB, Kundmanngasse 21, 1030 Vienna.

[Download of the Programme]

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