JETL Volume 1 Issue 2

The second issue of the in-house journal of the Institute, the Journal of European Tort Law (JETL) is in final preparation for publication and will be available from the 18th August 2010.

This second issue contains the full versions of papers originally delivered by the speakers at the special topic session of this year's Annual Conference on European Tort Law held here in Vienna in April.

The topic chosen for particular scrutiny this year was wrongful life and wrongful birth and the thorny legal issues that surround these emotive subjects. The issue will comprise the following articles:

'Wrongful Birth and Wrongful Life: Basic Questions'  B.C. Steininger

'Damages for Pecuniary Loss in Cases of Wrongful Birth' M Hogg

'Wrongful Birth and non-pecuniary loss: theories of compensation' E Baginska

'"I didn't ask to be born." Wrongful life from a comparative perspective' A Ruda

The third issue for the year follows in November. Submissions to that issue, and subsequent ones, are encouraged from those working in the field of European Tort Law and can be sent to:

More information about the JETL along with subscription details can be obtained from the publishers, DeGruyter

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