Conference Report: Obligations V

The University of Oxford played host to the fifth biennial Obligations Conference that took place from 14–16 July 2010. The Conference brought together esteemed scholars from various quarters of the common law world including Andrew Burrows (Oxford), Peter Cane (ANU), John Goldberg (Harvard), Richard Wright (Chicago-Kent) and ETL Director, Ken Oliphant.
Several papers were delivered on the title theme ‘Rights and Private Law’, a number of which dealt with the topic of a forthcoming ETL publication: Human Rights and Tort Law. Discussions were often noticeably marked by the discussants’ affiliation to particular legal theories, including normativism, interpretivism and/or the civil recourse theory. A further notable observation was the prominent critique of Robert Stevens’ provocative publication Torts and Rights. Many had much to say about his radical re-conception of the law of torts.
The next Obligations Conference, themed ‘Challenging Authority’, will be hosted by the University of Western Ontario in July 2012. It will no doubt prove as successful as this year's. For further details and abstracts of the 2010 Conference papers click here.

ETL Staff Presenting:
Ken Oliphant: Comparative Reflections on Tort Law and Rights

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