Cambridge Legal History Colloquium

This year's CLHC was held last week and as always drew a wide mix of participants both in terms of jurisdictions represented and subjects covered. Despite papers ranging from Bartolus's concept of the tyrant to the doctrine of stare decisis panels were well grouped to bring out deeper themes such as the influence of form on legal argumentation and practice, or the mechanisms of legal change in the Common Law. Of particular interest was a specific panel on intellectual property and the impact of various political movements upon the law in the C19th and a paper focusing on the abandoned Indian Civil Wrongs Bill 1886, an often forgotten and overlooked endeavour headed by the great English systematiser Fredrick Pollock.

Participants were not only treated to two days of fascinating legal discussion but were also lucky to enjoy the facilities provided by Robinson College Cambridge. No doubt many of the papers presented will see the light of publication in the coming year and are sure to spark interest in their respective fields.

ETL Staff Presenting:
Colm McGrath: Patient's Patience: Duldungspflichten in the Reichsgericht

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