New issue of the Journal of European Tort Law

The new Issue of the Journal on European Tort Law (JETL) features articles by Helmut Koziol ('Schadenersatzrecht and the Law of Torts: Different terms and different ways of thinking'), Tsachi Keren-Paz ('Injuries from Unforeseeable Risks which Advance Medical Knowledge: Restitution-based Justification for Strict Liability') and Stefan Somers ('Special Liability Regimes and Human Rights under Belgian Law and the European Convention on Human Rights').
Moreover, two book reviews put a spotlight on the recent work of the Groupe de Recherche Européen sur la Responsabilité Civile et l’Assurance (GRERCA) 'Le droit français de la responsabilité civile confronté aux projets européens d’harmonisation' (reviewed by Laura Khoury) as well as T.T. Arvind and Jenny Steele's recent edition on 'Tort law and the Legislature. Common Law, Statute and the Dynamics of Legal Change' (reviewed by Mauro Bussani).
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