New cooperation between the Institute and the Karl Franzens University of Graz

The Institute is pleased to announced that it will be supported for the next three years (from 1 January 2013) through a new cooperation between the Austrian Academy of Science and the Karl Franzens University of Graz. Under the cooperation, Institute staff will offer lectures and seminars at the University and participate in the development of a specialist doctoral programme in European Private Law. They will also have the opportunity to pursue their own further qualifications and career development within the University.
Institute Director, Ken Oliphant, comments: 'This exciting development secures the Institute's financial stability at a time when other research institutions are facing considerable economic difficulties, and provides the necessary foundations for the successful completion of its current work programme. Having a foot in the university sector opens up new possibilities both for the Institute and for its staff, and we look forward to a rewarding collaboration with the Graz faculty, which is already renowned nationally and internationally for its excellence in the area of civil law.'
Monika Hinteregger, Director of the Institute for Civil Law in the University, adds: 'The Institute’s broad international ties and research competences in the field of tort law will further strengthen the international orientation of the Graz faculty. I am confident that this cooperation will enable the Graz faculty to build a centre of excellence in the field of European and comparative private law, in both research and teaching.''
The cooperation builds on the recently signed cooperation between the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law and KFU Graz.
The Institute remains based at its existing premises in Vienna.

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