Special issue of the King's Law Journal on "European Tort Law"

We are pleased to announce the publication of a special issue of the King's Law Journal on "European Tort Law" (2009, vol. 20, issue 2). The director of the Institute for European Tort Law, Ken Oliphant acted as guest editor; the Institute's Deputy Director, Bernhard A. Koch contributed substantially with an article on the "Principles of European Tort Law".

The Contents are:
  • Ken Oliphant "Introduction: European Tort Law", pp. 189-202
  • Bernhard A Koch "Principles of European Tort Law”, pp. 203-214
  • John Blackie "The provisions for 'Non-Contractual Liability Arising out of Damage to Another' in the Draft Common Frame of Reference”, pp. 215-237
  • Mauro Bussani, Marta Infantino and Franz Werro “The Common Core sound: short notes on themes, harmonies and disharmonies of European tort law”, pp. 239-255
  • Paula Giliker “Can 27+ wrongs make a right? The European Tort Law Project: Some Sceptical Reflections”, pp. 257-279
  • Cees van Dam "Who is afraid of diversity? Cultural diversity, European cooperation and European Tort Law", pp. 281-308.

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