The internationalisation and Europeanisation of national law has proceeded apace in recent decades. This development is, however, only rarely mirrored in the curricula of today’s law faculties.

The first textbook, 'The International Dimensions of Law' aims to break this mould, seeking to help students to understand that legal systems do not only exist and function in their own national context but also within the broader context of law beyond national borders. The authors, Brigitta Lurger and Thomas Thiede provide a clear account of international and European public and private law in order to familiarize future generations of lawyers with international and European law and to analyze the impact of supranational legal systems on the development of national law.
The second book, a collection of texts and materials edited by Thomas Thiede, Bernhard A Koch and Helmut Ortner on private international law and procedure shall fill a gap in the currently available selection of text editions: There seems to be no other bilingual edition of the rules governing conflicts of laws at present that includes the recently enacted EU regulations in this field. A combination of such norms with other materials such as the UN Sales Convention or the ICC Arbitration Rules is equally missing, at least in such compact form. This lacuna was increasingly perceived problematic by the editors in the courses they teach in this area, which led to the decision to produce this publication. The selection was purposefully kept narrow in order to allow students to access both language versions in a handy format.
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Eva Ondreasova has recently published a monograph drawn from her doctoral studies focusing on the Austrian rules on the liability for helpers in a comparative context. The work analyses both the contractual and the non-contractual schemes from a systematic and historic point of view and includes a thorough discussion of the recent reform tendencies as well as an own draft for a future law. [Read More] [Ordersheet]
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On 24 June Eva Ondreasova was awarded the Prize of the Dr. Maria Schaumayer-Foundation in recognition of her excellent work in her dissertation thesis concerning the field of tort law. Published in 2013, the results of her doctoral thesis examined the Austrian rules of the liability for helpers both in the contractual and the non-contractual sphere from a comparative, historical and systematical point of view with an in-depth discussion of the recent reform efforts, including an own draft for a future law. She joins a long list of recipients of this distinguished prize. For information about the publication click here.
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The European Group on Tort Law will be holding its autumn meeting (17–18 October 2013) in Girona thanks to the auspices of long-standing member, Miquel Martín-Casals and the Institute of European and Comparative Private Law (IECPL). A new project entitled The Borderline Between Tort And Contract – the third since the Group’s re-unification in 2009 – will officially begin. The project is headed by Prof Martín-Casals.
In addition to drawing the EGTL’s second post-reunification project (on The Liability of Public Authorities) to a close, the Group will also discuss the outlines of its forthcoming collaboration with members of the Acquis Group (on Product Liability). The EGTL wishes to extend its profound gratitude to Piotr Machnikowski for his efforts in cementing this collaboration and in securing the necessary funding.

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Causal uncertainty is a wide-spread phenomenon. Courts are often unable to determine whether a defendant’s tortious conduct was a factual cause of a plaintiff’s harm. Yet, sometimes courts can determine the probability that the defendant caused the plaintiff’s harm, although often there is considerable variance in the probability estimate based on the available evidence. The conventional way to cope with this uncertainty has been to apply the evidentiary rule of ‘standard of proof’.

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