Our colleague Marlene Steininger received several awards for her thesis 'Reproduktionsmedizin und Abstammunsgrecht. Fortpflanzung und Elternschaft als Rechtsgeschäft?' In addition to the 'Hauptpreis des Bank Austria Preises zur Förderung innovativer Forschungsprojekte' and the 'Dr. Maria Schaumayer-Stiftung Förderpreis' her thesis has been awarded with the 'Leopold-Kunschak-Wissenschaftspreis'.
Vice Chancellor Michael Spindelegger and Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner presented the awards at a reception in the Austrian Parliament. 
For more information on her thesis see here or the review by Philip Czech, RdM 2014, 148 or Bernat, JBl 2015, 67f).
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The Institute is pleased to announce a 'Juristenrunde' (lecture) by Jūratė Šidlauskienė (Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius).The presentation will take place on 28 July 2015 at 10:30 in the premises of the Institute. All are welcome to attend.
The revolution of technology and the invention of the Internet allows us to communicate and cooperate much quicker and more effectively than even before, but it also threatens privacy. However, there are no special legal rules on the protection of privacy in cyberspace in the Lithuanian Civil Code. The author will assess the possibilities of protecting privacy in cyberspace through tort law remedies under Lithuanian law and the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights.
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The Institute regularly holds public lectures or 'Juristenrunden' which act as a forum for both ETL staff as well as invited and visiting scholars to present on a wide range of topics. All are welcome to attend these lectures.

11 August 2015, 11:00 am, Colm McGrath, (incoming WYNG Research Fellow in Medical Law and Ethics at Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge)
The Long Road to Patients' Rights in the UK
The English Common Law has long adopted an indulgent and protective view towards the liability of medical practitioners. In particular, the disclosure of risks was long regarded as a clinical matter and so practitioners were permitted a wide degree of discretion. In March 2015 the United Kingdom Supreme Court overturned 35 years of authority and declared a new basis for liability flowing from the failure to declare a known risk to a patient. This talk will critically examine that process and situate the new law within the existing structures of the common law.
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Alongside the many varied Projects undertaken by the Institute the Scientific Staff maintain a healthy publication record of their own also covering a wide range of legal areas. For the first half-year the publications by the Scientific Staff of Institute (in alphabetical order) are as follows:

Ernst Karner
  • Zur Anwendbarkeit des UN-Kaufrechts bei Werk- und Dienstleistungen. Am Beispiel von Maschinen- und Industrieanlagenverträgen. [together with Koziol] (2015). 91 pages.

Christa Kissling
  • Impact of Bribery on Contracts Under Swiss Civil Law, in: Michael Joachim Bonell/Olaf Meyer (eds), The Impact of Corruption on International Commercial Contracts, Ius Comparatum – Global Studies in Comparative Law 11 (forthcoming mid-August 2015), chapter 16 (approx 40 pages).

Helmut Koziol
  • Zur Anwendbarkeit des UN-Kaufrechts bei Werk- und Dienstleistungen. Am Beispiel von Maschinen- und Industrieanlagenverträgen. [together with Karner] (2015). 91 pages.
  • Comparative Conclusions, in: H. Koziol (ed), Basic Questions of Tort Law from a Comparative Perspective (Wien 2015) 683–838.
  • Social Security System, Risk-Spreading and the Compensation of Damage in the Case of Personal Injury: Comparative Stimulations 3 – 10, Concluding Remarks 44 – 53; Flexibility Instead of the All-or-Nothing Rule: Comparative Stimulations 57 – 65, Concluding Remarks 96 – 101; Liability of Children as well as Persons with Reduced Abili-ties and the Notion of Fault: Comparative Stimulations 105 – 109, Concluding Remarks 140 – 146; Liability for Agents and Agents’ Liability: Comparative Stimulations 149 – 153; Concluding Remarks 182 – 195; Limitations of Liability and Lawful Alternative Conduct: Comparative Stimulations 199 – 208, Concluding Remarks 235 – 239; Com-pensation in Kind for Non-Pecuniary Harm, in Particular the Finding of a Violation: Comparative Stimulations 243 – 244, Concluding Remarks 261; in: H. Koziol (ed), Comparative Stimulations for Developing Tort Law (2015).

Eva Ondreasova
  • Haftung für technische Hilfsmittel de lege lata, ÖJZ 2015, 443. 

Julian Pehm
  • Anmerkung zu OGH 25.6.2014, 2 Ob 48/14v EvBl 2015/82.
  • Pehm, Neue Aufgaben für das europäische Schadenersatzrecht. Bericht über die 14th Annual Conference on European Tort Law, ZVR 2015 (in Print).

Thomas Thiede
  • Kartellschadenersatz im Privatklageweg nach der Richtlinie 2014/104/EU, in: Tagungsband XXIII. Karlsbader Juristentag 2014. Praha 2015, Leges, 351-388.
  • Náhrada škody v soutěžním právu podle nové Směrnice o soukromých žalobách 2014/104/EU, Praha 2015, Leges, 389-424.
  • Aus eins mach zwei! Zum Bereicherungsanspruch im Urheberrecht bei Verletzung des sui-generis-Schutzes von Datenbanken; zugleich eine Anmerkung zu den Entscheidungen OGH 4 Ob 17/02g, 4 Ob 11/07g und 4 Ob 133/13g, in JBl – Juristische Blätter, [together with Judith Schacherreiter] Vienna, Verlag Österreich 2015, 287-296.
  • The recent Shift from the Passive to the Active Consumer, in: ALJ – Austrian Law Journal [together with Judith Schacherreiter] Graz 2015, 23-31.
  • Vorsätzliche Schädigung von Anlegern im europaweiten arbeitsteiligen Wertpapiervertrieb: Der internationale Gerichtsstand nach der EuGVVO, in: ÖBA - Österreichisches Bank-Archiv [together with Florian Sommer] Vienna, Bankverlag/Linde 2015, 175-187.
  • Theory in Practice: Lessons from Norway, in: S. Koch/I. Helland (eds) Nordic and Germanic Legal Methods. Contributions to a Dialogue between Different Legal Cultures, with a Main Focus on Norway and Germany. Tübingen, Mohr Siebeck 2015, 367-391.
  • Conflict of Laws. Texts and Materials [together with B.A. Koch/H. Ortner] Vienna, 3.ed., Vienna, 2015, 298 pages.
  • The International Dimensions of Law. [together with B. Lurger] Vienna, 2.ed Vienna 2015, XIII, 198 pages.

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The Institute for European Tort Law wishes to congratulate Vanessa Wilcox for her prize by the Dr. Maria Schaumayer-Stiftung in recognition of her outstanding doctoral thesis, ‘A Company’s Right to Damages for Non-Pecuniary Loss’. The award will be handed to her at a ceremony in October 2015. The thesis is currently being updated for publication with Cambridge University Press.
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