European Tort Law 2002H. Koziol/B.C. Steininger (eds.)
European Tort Law 2002

Tort and Insurance Law, Yearbook
Vienna/New York: Springer 2003
596 p. ISBN 3-211-00486-6

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The European Tort Law Yearbook provides a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the law of torts in the EU Member States (except Luxembourg), the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia and Switzerland as well as in the field of EU law. Additionally, with Australia and Israel, two non-European countries are included. In conclusion, a comparative report reviews the essential aspects of all reports. The reports are written by scholars from the respective jurisdictions and, focusing on the year 2002, they include important court decisions, critical remarks on these decisions, a presentation of new legislation and a literature overview. In addition to the national reports, essays on key topics in the field of tort law are included. Moreover, a draft of the “Principles of European Tort Law”, developed by the European Group on Tort Law, is published for the first time in this Yearbook.

Contents and Contributors

M. Martín-Casals: E-Privacy: An Old Tort in New Clothing?
W.V.H. Rogers: Tort Law and Human Rights: A New Experience 

Country Reports
B.C. Steininger: Austria
D. Droshout: Belgium
J. Hrádek: Czech Republic
V. Ulfbeck: Denmark
K. Oliphant: England and Wales
J. Norio-Timonen: Finland
Ph. Brun: France
J. Fedtke: Germany
E. Dacoronia: Greece
A. Menyhárd: Hungary
E. Quill: Ireland
E. Navarretta/E. Bargelli:Italy
M. Faure/T. Hartlief: The Netherlands
E. Baginska: Poland
A. Pereira: Portugal
I. Strnad/R. Lampe: Republic of Slovenia
M.P. García Rubio/J. Lete: Spain
H. Sandell: Sweden
P. Loser-Krogh: Switzerland
B.A. Koch: European Union
J. Dietrich: Australia: Recent Developments in Torts Law
I. Gilead: Israel
B.A. Koch: Comparative Remarks

Other Contributions
C. Lahnstein: Asbestos and other emerging liability risks – including some critical remarks on risk debates and perceptions
J. Spier: The European Group on Tort Law
H. Koziol: The Concept of Wrongfulness under the Principles European Tort Law
Principles of European Tort Law