European Tort Law 2004H. Koziol/B.C. Steininger (eds.)
European Tort Law 2004

Tort and Insurance Law, Yearbook
Vienna/New York: Springer 2004
674 p. ISBN 3-211-24479-4

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The European Tort Law Yearbook provides a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in tort law in Europe. It contains reports on the developments in most EU Member States, including the new Member States the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia - as well as Norway and Switzerland. Furthermore, an overview of the developments in the field of EU law is provided. In conclusion, a comparative report reviews the essential aspects of all reports. The reports are written by scholars from the respective jurisdictions. Focusing on the year 2004, the authors critically report on important court decisions, present new legislation and provide a literature overview. In addition to the national reports, several essays on key topics in the field of tort law are included, most of which focus on questions of strict liability.

Contents and Contributors

M. Faure: Financial Compensation in Case of Catastrophes: A European Law and Economics Perspective
I. Gilead: On the Justifications of Strict Liability
H. Koziol: Strict Liability in the New Austrian Draft on Liability Law
O. Moréteau: Revisiting the Grey Zone between Contract and Tort: The Role of Estoppel and Reliance in Mapping out the Law of Obligations
K. Oliphant: Rylands v Fletcher and the Emergence of Enterprise Liability in the Common Law
G. Schamps: The Precautionary Principle versus a General Principle for Compensation of Victims of Dangerous Activities in Belgian Law

Country Reports
B.C. Steininger: Austria
I.C. Durant: Belgium
J. Hrádek: Czech Republic
V. Ulfbeck: Denmark
K. Oliphant: England and Wales
I. Kull: Estonia
S. Hakalehto-Wainio: Finland
M. Cannarsa/F. Lafay/O. Moréteau/C. Pellerin-Rugliano: France
J. Fedtke: Germany
E. Dacoronia: Greece
A. Menyhárd: Hungary
E. Quill: Ireland
E. Navarretta: Italy
A. Bitans: Latvia
H. Gabartas/M. Lauciene: Lithuania
M. Faure/T. Hartlief: The Netherlands
B. Askeland: Norway
E. Baginska: Poland
A.D.G. Pereira: Portugal
A. Dulak: Slovakia
R. Lampe: Slovenia
J. Ribot: Spain
H. Andersson: Sweden
P. Loser: Switzerland
B.A. Koch: European Union
K. Okubo: Revision of the Japanese Civil Code
M. Lukas: Comparative Remarks

Other Contributions
D.N. Kelliher: Tort Law in the Irish Legal System
A. G. Días Pereira: Portuguese Tort Law: A Comparison with the Principles of European Tort Law