Tort and Insurance Law, vol. 24

Bernhard A. Koch (ed.)
Medical Liability in Europe
A Comparison of Selected Jurisdictions

Tort and Insurance Law, vol. 29

De Gruyter 2011

Language: English

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Ten years after the first study published in this field by the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law, liability for medical malpractice is still a hot topic throughout Europe and it continues to expand and develop. In order to provide an update on the current situation across European legal systems, this book includes fourteen country reports authored by renowned experts from each legal system. In addition to providing a theoretical survey of key issues, each contributor also analyzed six hypotheticals based on actual cases, thereby also providing practical guidance on major aspects of liability claims. A concluding comparative analysis highlights commonalities and differences in the liability rules employed, dispute resolution procedures and the insurance background.


Bernhard A Koch: Medical Liability in Austria
Herman Nys: Medical Liability in Belgium
Ondrej Dostál: Medical Liability in the Czech Republic
WV Horton Rogers: Medical Liability in England
Suzanne Carval/Ruth Sefton-Green: Medical Liability in France
Franz Michael Petry: Medical Liability in Germany
Attila Menyhárd: Medical Liability in Hungary
Alessandro P Scarso/Massimo Foglia: Medical Liability in Italy
Ivo Giesen/Esther Engelhard: Medical Liability in the Netherlands
Ewa Baginska: Medical Liability in Poland
Miquel Martín-Casals/Josep Solé: Medical Liability in Spain
Philip Mielnicki/Mårten Schultz: Medical Liability in Sweden
Corinne Widmer Lüchinger: Medical Liability in Switzerland

Bernhard A Koch: Medical Liability in Europe: Comparative Analysis