Jaap Spier (ed.)
The Limits of Liability:
Keeping the Floodgates Shut

Principles of European Tort Law, vol. 1
The Hague/London/Boston 
Kluwer Law International

1995, 176 p.
ISBN 90-411-0169-1

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Liability law is clearly expanding through an increasing number of strict liabilities, increasing claim-consciousness and higher amounts awarded. This book puts forward a number of views on how modern tort law copes and should cope with these changes. It provides a brief overview of a broad range of legal systems. It describes the tools used to prevent the burden of liability law from becoming too heavy, such as causation, duty of care, caps and ceilings and ad hoc moderation. Such an overview has never been available previously. Moreover, the authors not only elaborate on the law as it stands, but establish views on how to keep the floodgates shut in the future.
Contents and Contributors
W.V.H. Rogers et al.: Preliminary Observations
C. v. Bar: Limitation and Mitigation in German Tort Law
D.B. Dobbs: Direct and General Limits on Tort Damages in the United States
K.D. Kerameus/Kl. Roussos: European Tort Law: Hellenic National Report
H. Koziol: Mitigation of Damages under Austrian Law and Ideas for Future Regulations
A. van Oevelen: La modération de la réparation du dommage dans le droit belge de la responsabilité civile extra-contractuelle W.V.H.Rogers: Keeping the Floodgates Shut: 'Mitigation' and 'Limitation' of Tort Liability in the English Common Law
J. Spier: How to Keep Liability Within Reasonable Limits? A Brief Outline of Dutch Law
G. Viney: Modération et limitation des responsabilités et des indemnisations: Rapport sur le droit français
P. Widmer: Détermination et réduction de la réparation en droit suisse